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Three-step plan for accomplishing your new year’s financial goals from OakParkFinancial

What follows is a breakdown of the facts: The appropriate approach to setting financial objectives for the new year is feasible.

My favorite part of New Year’s resolutions is creating them, but I’m also a realist and know many New Year’s goals fail.

Fortunately, after a few years of trial and error, I’ve unknowingly become an expert at formulating New Year’s resolutions such that I achieve my objectives (instead of failing miserably).

For this year, I’ve devised a three-step strategy to help me get through the inevitable glitches and potholes on the road to achieving my financial objectives for 2022.

1. My financial objectives won’t be defined until after the New Year.

My family has a New Year’s Eve ritual where we eat 12 grapes to bring good fortune and success into the new year. Therefore I won’t be making any New Year’s goals. I’m delaying setting financial objectives for two weeks until I’m sure of what I want.

I’m going to reflect on what I want to do more of in the next year. Save for your golden years? Donate more? and be more specific in your opinions about this. Check this logo.

I’ll figure out how much money I’ll need for each objective and how long it will take me to reach it. This way, it’s more than simply a notion in your head. The matter has been resolved.

2. I’m going over my bank statements to see if there are any adjustments I can make to my budget.

Reviewing my bank statements from November, October, and September will assist me in achieving these objectives. I’m skipping December because I know what I’m capable of. I’ll deceive myself into believing I overspent when I had a good time.

Any discretionary spending I make will be colored by the following rules: (pink didn’t worth it; yellow I can’t remember whether I enjoyed it; green completely worth it) I’m going to look through my bank statements and remove or reduce any spending that is highlighted in either pink or yellow. It will also give me some breathing room to reevaluate where my money is going in the new year and make necessary adjustments to my budget.

3. If my financial situation changes, I’ll alter my financial objectives appropriately.

Not everything goes according to plan. It’s much like driving along a motorway and getting off at the incorrect exit; you reroute until you reach your goal.

I like using calendar reminders to help me keep track of appointments and other events. Three reminders have been set up during the year so that I may check in on my New Year’s financial objectives and see if anything needs to be changed.

It’s possible to prolong the due date of my financial objective if the deadline isn’t urgent if I don’t save as much as I should in one month.

I hope this method inspires you to set your own goals (or at least not mock those of us who do) in the new year.