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The TPC gaming site is a spot on Scottsdale | Opinion

Not so long ago, Scottsdale was chosen by General Colin Powell’s America’s Promise Alliance as one of the top 100 communities for young people. We have created a world famous city. People from all over the world visit Scottsdale because it’s safe, clean, and beautiful in so many ways.

Today, however, concern for our young people seems to be of lower priority. There is a desire to be everything for everyone.

On Tuesday, April 5, the Scottsdale City Council will vote on a permit to build a free-standing playsite and restaurant directly across from one of our finest parks and football facilities and within yards of residences. The most recent state gaming legislation allows the PGA to build that. Unfortunately, they decided not to keep it inside the Clubhouse, but to build it on the corner of Bell and Greenway-Hayden. Other professional sports entities in the state place their betting operations on their current sites.

A conditional use license requires that the use be “reasonably consistent” with surrounding uses. It won’t be compatible with everything around it. With almost 400 seats, how will 122 parking spaces be enough?

Then add the employees. If you lived nearby, would you appreciate this type of use in your neighborhood? Thousands of children are playing just across the street. The traffic will only be more intense.

Then add in the impacts of developments going north from this site and the quality of life for current residents will decline.

Has anyone thought about how this will all work when the WM Open and Super Bowl meet in 2023 with the game taking place right in the middle of those activities? I have always supported these great sporting events in our city.

However, allowing a standalone gambling site will not improve our quality of life. Before long, it will lead to another in our city. It’s just a matter of time.

-Mary Manross