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Thai police raid house suspected of operating illegal Korean gambling site

Thai police have raided a house suspected of being the headquarters of an illegal gambling site that defrauded Korean victims of more than 100 million baht. Officers arrested four South Korean men and a Thai woman who were renting the house in Samut Prakan, just southeast of Bangkok. The suspects face charges of organizing, advertising and inviting gambling without permission.

Cyber ​​cops from Bang Kaew Police Station have been tipped off that a house was being used as a base for a gambling website. Officers raided the home and seized electronic devices believed to be used to operate the site. In total, the police confiscated 10 computers, five Internet routers, 10 smartphones, six luxury bags, a watch and a tablet.

Four Korean men at home were arrested. Police arrested a Thai woman at another house in the same neighborhood and seized two bank books, two computers and a safe. She allegedly claimed that the evidence seized by the police belonged to her boyfriend who has not been arrested.

The Korean suspects allegedly told police that they were the site’s administrators and would contact people online to start playing on the site. They reportedly told officers they had worked for the site for two years and earned 120,000 baht a month.

SOURCE: Channel 3