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Shanghai police crack down on online gambling gangs

Ti Gong

Shanghai police have arrested more than 800 people so far this year for rounding up people to participate in overseas online gambling, local police said Wednesday.

A total of 80 gambling platforms, 47 gambling promotion platforms and 27 money laundering businesses have been taken down, with over 170 million yuan ($23.53 million) in assets seized or frozen by the police.

In a case indicted by police officers from the Minhang district, a gambling service gang with more than 40 members was dismantled in July.

The gang used their account on overseas gambling websites to provide gambling services, such as placing bets on behalf of their customers.

According to police, they also operated a computer room to manage their overseas website accounts and money flows.

Minhang police received the report from a local resident in March, then spent four months investigating how the gang conducts its business in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces.

Shanghai police crack down on online gambling gangs

Ti Gong

An online gambling livestream investigated by Shanghai police this year.

In another case, Baoshan District police officers arrested 150 suspects while operating an online casino and providing live gambling services. In this case, gang members used cameras in overseas casinos to show real-time gambling operations for synchronicity.

The gang was also gunned down in July.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, gamblers have increasingly turned to online gambling instead of traveling overseas, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for police to track money flows said Zhuang Liqiang, an official with the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

Police officers reminded that gambling is illegal in mainland China, people should stay away from gambling and ignore the lies of overnight wealth through gambling.