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RGC has a sobering message amid the online gambling hype” strategy

RGC has a sobering message amid the online gambling hype

The nonprofit mimics the style of sports betting ads to remind Ontarians of their financial risk.

The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) has launched a timely new public service announcement for Ontarians that aims to remind them to manage their risks responsibly when gambling online.

The public service announcement, titled “Online betting is huge!”, is a direct response to the flood of online sports betting and casino ads that have been unleashed since Ontario regulated the industry in April. Developed by Zulu Alpha Kilo, the public service announcement deliberately apes the appearance of such advertising to provide a clear warning to Ontarians who might otherwise be drawn into reckless habits by the hype and excitement abundant in these commercials. .

“This is a time of tremendous change in the gaming industry and it’s important that Ontarians have a balanced perspective in the media,” said Elaine McDougall, Director of Marketing and Communications for the RGC. “Our goal with this public service announcement is to ensure that anyone who participates in online gambling is aware of the risk and how to practice safer gambling.”

Ultimately, the goal is to ridicule “the fantasy often depicted in these commercials,” says Brian Murray, Zulu’s ECD, using the same type of charismatic spokesperson, neon lighting and exciting music to deliver a more restrained message of caution, which warns of the possibility of loss.

“We knew that this public service announcement should ultimately aim to encourage critical thinking,” he adds.

The public service announcement will continue until the end of March on data television and radio. It will also expand to organic and targeted paid social media in the coming weeks.