Online gambling

Power cut to 11 properties in police raid on online gambling in Kuching

A police photo shows a Sesco technician cutting off the power supply to one of the business premises.

KUCHING (July 8): Electricity supply to three business premises and eight residential houses was disconnected in an anti-gambling operation by district police.

Kuching Police Chief ACP Ahsmon Bajah said the operation, which involved officers from his Criminal Investigations Division and technicians from Sesco, knocked out power to the properties between 9:35 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

It said in a statement that the operation was carried out under Section 21A of the Common Gambling Houses Act 1953 (Act 289).

Ahsmon also said that 40 raids on illegal online gambling activities were carried out from January to July this year.

“So far, electricity supplies to six commercial properties and 36 residential homes have been disconnected,” he said.

He pointed out that owners of affected premises should write to the district police chief to request permission to reconnect their power supply.

This drastic action, he said, was vital in tackling the growing number of online gambling activities in the district.