Online gambling

Online gambling leads to huge losses for many players

For young people who have gambling in their blood, online Tai-Xiu (Over-Under or O/U) is one of the best known games. The app allows players to bet the desired amount of money in one of two boxes – Tai (over) and Xiu (under) to win or lose the bet.

According to the rules of the game, the system rolls three dice and if the total points of the three dice is greater than 10, it is Tai and if the total points are less than 10, it is Xiu.

Appearing in a variety of forms, from websites to apps, U/O is one of the betting games with the best ability to approach players.

If you search ‘Tai-Xiu’ on Facebook, you can see hundreds of groups with thousands or hundreds of thousands of members for each group. To attract players, groups even post live videos that give instructions on how to play and offer freebies to live viewers.

The accounts used for sharing videos are virtual and there is no personal information.

The apps are advertised on many forums and social networks like Facebook and YouTube with lots of attractive offers.

With an increasingly high density, betting games and websites attract players, especially young people aged 15 to 23, who use social networks the most.


With the ambition of having a new life, 17-year-old NCK from Vinh Phuc province started gambling online with an initial capital of 20 million VND. The transaction floor K chose was “Tai-Xiu Online”.

“It’s easy to make money this way. The rules of the game are very simple, while the winning rate is high. I just play for fun and I’m not addicted,” said K.

If players are lucky, players can win up to tens of millions of dong after one night, and if not, they can lose the same amount overnight.

However, players all want to win sums of money 10 times or 100 times greater than the initial capital. The more they lose, the more they want to keep playing to recover the lost money. Black credit funds are money providers for players.

Like many other players, after losing a large sum of money, K decided to borrow money from black credit funds as a last resort. However, after two months of play, K lost all the money and owed 100 million VND.

PDT from Tien Hai district in Thai Binh, a freshman in college, is also an online gamer. He wasted money gambling and now owes 50 million VND.

After spending the money his parents gave him every month to finance his studies for “Tai-Xiu Online”, the young man does not have enough money to cover his basic needs. He had to work as a motorcycle taxi driver.

Tai-Xiu online gambling is illegal gambling

Lawyer Uoc An from the law firm Dai An Phat said online Tai-Xiu is gambling in disguise.

Vietnam does not have any specific law or regulation providing fines for underage online gamblers. Therefore, underage online gamblers will be punished in accordance with the 2015 Penal Code, which stipulates that persons aged 16 and over must bear criminal responsibility for gambling, as stated in article 321 of the law. .

A person who illegally gambles in cash or in kind with a value between 5 and 50 million VND, or who gambles with a value of less than 5 million VND (but who has received an administrative fine) will be liable to a fine of 20 to 100 million VND, probation for up to 3 years or imprisonment for 6 months to 3 years.

If money or nature worth VND 50 million or more is used on the Internet, computer network, telecommunication networks or electronic means to commit crimes, and serious offenses are repeated, the punishment could be 3 to 7 years in prison.

Also according to An, distributing the online game Tai-Xiu means creating the conditions for other people to play. Distributors must be responsible under the law for the organization of games of chance. They are liable to a fine of 50 to 300 million VND or 1 to 5 years of imprisonment.

Minh Toan