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Online Gambling Law Hasn’t Passed in North Carolina and I’m Disappointed

Photographer: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Did you know that North Carolina lawmakers voted against online gambling this week? The bill actually looked pretty good after passing the House of Representatives. I’ve been following this story for a while and I’m really disgusted. I’m not a hardcore gamer, don’t get me wrong. But it would be fun for my friends to join NJ who can play some money on games.

I like sports. I love picking teams to win or lose, or cover. It would have added a nice layer of entertainment for me while watching these games. Maybe on a boring hot summer night betting on an MLB game would be fun, right?

Imagine going to a Panthers or Hornets game. Walk up to a vending machine and place a bet. Add to the fun by having a rooting financial interest.

From what I’ve read in various articles, some lawmakers voted against it because they think gambling could lead to a lot more addicts. I understand. But, addicts will find a way to gamble regardless. This bill would have been a way for NC to control gambling. They would have licensed 10 companies to offer online gambling and charged those companies to do so. This money was going to be used to help fund HBCUs, little league teams and other causes in North Carolina.

The vote was so tight. He was denied by a total of 51-50. Proponents say the bill is not dead yet. There may be some changes and it could still be approved. I bet it will eventually happen! Look what I did there?? hahaha