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Online Gambling in the United States: The Statistics of a Booming Industry

The United States has the largest gaming market in the world. And online gambling is a growing industry in the United States, with more and more Americans turning to the internet to place their bets. Americans are spending more money than ever on casino games, sports betting and poker. But what exactly does that look like in numbers?

With all the technological advancements of the past few decades, it’s no surprise that online gambling has become increasingly popular. What may be surprising, however, is how much money is spent on it.

Let’s look at some of the most interesting statistics about online gambling in the United States

The appeal of online gambling for consumers

It is increasingly common for people to use online gambling platforms to earn money and build their portfolio of wealth. These platforms offer a wide variety of games that they can play and win a set amount of money based on their wins. At some point, as urbanization continues to spread across countries, customer interest also increases when they try new games that they have never played before.

Moreover, the produced applications provide consumers with fair gestures, which is one of the major factors that draw their attention to online gambling. It is also becoming increasingly popular for people to gamble online as they can both have fun and win money, which is supporting the booming online gambling markets in the United States.

American casino games

Casino games are one of the most popular types of gambling in the United States. In 2017, Americans spent $75 billion on casino games. This is an increase of $12 billion from 2016.
CasinoVibez slots are the most popular type of casino game, followed by blackjack and roulette. Poker is also growing in popularity, especially among millennials. The popularity of casino games is likely to continue to grow as more states legalize gambling.

Most of the market is devoted to sports betting

The growing popularity of sports in the United States has led to an increase in the demand for sports betting in the online gambling market. Sports betting is the most popular form of gambling in the world, with an estimated $400 billion wagered on sports each year. There is a growing trend of placing bets on sports in which the customer has some level of expertise. This allows them to better grasp the current game and get closer to profit.

Consumers are increasingly turning to online gambling because of the convenience and complete transparency that comes with it and the increased level of security provided by protocols such as the requirement for players to read and understand terms and conditions, licenses and other documents before engaging in any game.

US gambling revenue

In the second quarter of 2021, the American Gaming Association reported that gambling revenues in the United States reached $13.6 billion, a new industry high. Revenue in states that legalized gambling rose 22% in the third quarter of 2019 from the previous record high of $11.1 billion months before the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite a faster-than-expected recovery in the industry, gaming revenue in 2021 will exceed $44 billion, setting a new record for the most profitable year in legal gambling history.

So far this year, states have collected about $25 billion in tax revenue. In the second quarter, nearly every state with a casino saw revenue surpass pre-pandemic levels. What’s even more surprising is that most of this growth has come from millennials. Millennials are now the largest group of gamers in the United States, and they spend more money on gambling than any other demographic group.

Final Thoughts

So these are some of the most interesting statistics about online gambling in the United States. It is clear that this is a booming industry and it shows no signs of slowing down. With more states legalizing gambling, we can only expect these numbers to increase. So, if you are thinking of getting into online gambling, now is the time to do so.