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Online gambling advertising ban should be considered by Parliament: David Littleproud

Nationals leader David Littleproud has urged the Federal Parliament to consider whether there should be a total ban on gambling ads during sports broadcasts, saying more could be done to protect children from abuse. online betting exposure.

In a move widely welcomed by harm minimization advocates, the Albanian government announced this week that the slogan “gambling responsibly” would be dropped from online betting ads, apps and websites in favor of new slogans. that encourage players to consider the consequences of losing a bet.

Littleproud supported the tagline changes, but said they did not go far enough to prevent children from watching high-density gambling ads during sports broadcasts.

Online gambling companies must drop the ‘gambling responsibly’ slogan when advertising their services by March next year, and instead use up to seven new, evidence-backed slogans.Credit:iStock

“I think the changes to gambling ads don’t go far enough,” Littleproud said Thursday.

“We need to have a conversation about whether or not gambling ads should run –
especially since children often watch sports or families are together to support their
favorite team when betting announcements are shown.

“Children are exposed to gambling ads as soon as they start watching sports on TV or online.
and often from an early age.

He called for public debate on this issue to be led by the parliamentary standing committee on social policy, which is carrying out an inquiry into online gambling and its impact on problem gamblers and children.

The inquiry, led by Labor MP Peta Murphy, will examine the effectiveness of current online gambling regulations and advertising restrictions, including advertising on social media and through sponsorship or sponsorship. brand image.

The introduction of new slogans – which include “you’re about to lose” and “What is gambling really costing you?” – reignited a debate this week on the normalization of gambling in sport.