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Odds against Governor Andrew Cuomo’s re-election in 2022: Gambling site

Smart money opposes embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo’s re-election next year, according to an online gambling operation.

But the scandal-scarred Democrat is unlikely to step down and resign by the end of next month, based on odds offered by

The website will only pay 1 to 4 on bets that Cuomo will lose if he seeks a fourth term, compared to 5 to 2 that he will win.

It also puts the odds of Cuomo resigning by April 30 at 3-1 and 5-2 that he won’t.

The number of bets placed so far “is in the four-digit range,” said the site’s sports betting manager, Dave Mason.

The online casino began encouraging customers to bet on Cuomo’s likely re-election “when he first received backlash” over his handling of nursing homes amid the coronavirus pandemic, Mason said.

“These odds opened at Yes +150 [3-2]/No -200 [1-2] and bettors hammered in the ‘No’ pretty quickly,” he said.

But, Mason added, “at this point, we have no reason to believe he’s going to step down unless President Biden asks him to.”

Biden said he would await the results of an independent investigation into the sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo, but this week added that the governor “will likely end up in a prosecution as well” if the charges against him are confirmed.

Cuomo has repeatedly vowed not to step down, but recently declined to say whether he would honor an earlier promise to run again in 2022.

His office did not immediately return a request for comment.