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New slogans planned in Australia’s crackdown on online gambling ads

Published on: September 27, 2022, 07:03h.

Last update on: September 27, 2022, 07:03h.

The Australian federal government is set to tighten controls on gambling advertising, according to a ‘secret’ report seen by The Australian newspaper. The government will inform operators of its plans on Friday and give them six months to comply.

Gambling Advertising Australia
Bet365 banners dominate billboards at an Australian cricket match. Soon, these placements will be forced to carry standardized messages designed to make punters think twice before parting with their money. (Image: NiceBetting)

The new regulations will introduce pre-written slogans, such as “Chances are you’re about to lose”, which will be mandatory at the end of advertisements in all media.

Other messages will include: “What is the game really costing you? Imagine what you could buy instead” and “You win some. You lose more.

Behavioral research

The new slogans are the result of “extensive behavioral research”, according to the government document. They will replace the current “gamble responsibly” statement.

Slogans have been extensively tested and tested to intercept and encourage positive behavior change and direct consumers to help-seeking options,” reads the report. “Each of the slogans work together to appeal to a wide range of audiences, including the wider community, and to raise awareness of the support services available, such as Gambling Help Online.”

Posts should be rotated equally across each media platform to “ease message fatigue,” he adds.

The government has not pulled the trigger on an outright ban on gambling advertising, which is widely supported in Australia.

Australians consistently rank among the world’s biggest bettors per capita, losing an estimated A$24.9 billion a year on gambling.

Big spenders

Meanwhile, betting companies are some of the biggest advertisers in the country, and much of that money helps fund sports leagues. Australia’s biggest online bookmaker, Sportsbet, spent A$187 million on advertising last year.

A study by independent public policy think tank The Australia Institute suggests that 71% of Australians agree that television gambling commercials should be banned altogether.

The results also show that Australians are tired of the gambling industry saturating our airwaves with messages encouraging us to gamble,” said Dr Richard Denniss, executive director of the Australia Institute, in a statement accompanying the survey.

“Majority opinion was clear on both junk food and gambling, in all voting intentions – kick those ads.”

In October 2018, a project to project a light show announcing the Everest horse race onto the Sydney Opera House drew a large crowd of protesters.

Protesters erected torches and lamps across the building’s iconic sales in a bid to whitewash the display. They chanted that the Opera was “not a billboard” and “not for sale” to gambling interests.