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Michigan online gambling revenue hits $163 million in April

Commercial and tribal gaming operators in Michigan reported combined gross revenue of $163.1 million in April from online gambling (casino and sports), according to Michigan Gaming Control Board figures.

Revenue from online casinos and online sports betting rose 0.6% from March. The State of Michigan began regulating online gambling in January 2021.

Online casino revenue in April was $132.4 million, the best month yet for the fledgling industry in Wolverine State. Online sports betting revenue was $30.7 million last month.

Turnover is lower if operator bonuses and promotional expenses are taken into account.

Combined total adjusted gross revenue was $136 million, including $119.3 million from internet casino gaming and $16.7 million from internet sports betting.

Compared to April 2021, Internet casino adjusted revenue increased by 34.3% and Internet sports betting adjusted revenue increased by 53.5%.

Sports betting win has more variance than iCasino. Total internet sports betting was $371.2 million last month, down 17.8% from March.

Operators submitted $25.2 million in taxes and payments to the state in April, including $24.3 million from online casino games and just under $1 million from internet sports betting .

Detroit’s three casinos said they paid the City of Detroit $7.2 million in betting taxes and municipal service fees in April, including $6.6 million for online casino games and 600 $000 for online sports betting. Tribes don’t pay anything in Detroit.

Tribal operators said they made $2.7 million in payments to governing bodies.

For the first four months of 2022, overall Internet casino adjusted revenue totaled $457.6 million and overall Internet sports betting adjusted revenue was $46.6 million.

During the month of April, 15 operators were authorized for both forms of online betting.