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DJ Chan Fung makes a police report on an online game site that abused his voice

PETALING JAYA: DJ Chan Fung has filed a police report after discovering that an illegal online gambling service edited parts of his live broadcasts into a promotional video for his gambling services without knowledge or consent of Chan.

In the video, segments of Chan’s voice from his 988 live radio show City Heartbeat were taken out of context and compiled into a few convoluted lines that misrepresented the DJ as endorsing the game.

The video also contains publicly available footage of Chan from several years ago in a dubious attempt to add false credibility to the video.

In a press release from 988 FM, the radio station said Chan had never had any relationship with the online gambling service and added that Chan had never promoted gambling among his listeners in his live broadcasts.

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“Chan Fong clarified that he has never encouraged or advised his listeners to perform on his shows or elsewhere and that he advises all of his listeners to disregard promotional videos that may misrepresent him as promoting gambling.

“Since 2010, DJ Chan Fong has always given his best advice to solve the difficulties of his listener’s life.

“Everyone can rest assured that while their answers may vary, they will always clearly identify any problem and provide a reasonable solution that would never involve promoting negative practices like gambling,” the radio station said.

The radio station also expressed concern that scammers were becoming increasingly daring and advanced in their methods of tricking people with their money while tarnishing the reputations of celebrities without celebrities’ knowledge and urged the audience to be more wary of advertisements that are too good for Be Honest.

“Most of us don’t expect to fall victim to scams, but the reality is that it can happen to anyone when they least expect it.

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“The modus operandi of scammers is no longer face-to-face but becoming virtual, as scams have evolved to become more complicated and high-tech, making them more compelling than ever.

“Chan also expressed concern over the proliferation of online gambling sites and its growing exposure and ease of access to the public, especially young people,” the radio station said.

988 FM also added that it will use all available legal measures and actions to investigate and bring charges against those responsible for the copyright infringement.