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  • Features of cryptocurrency in the best countries of the world, detailed information and useful recommendations

The appearance of cryptocurrency has completely changed payment methods. This currency became very popular, as the speed of transactions decreased and payments began to be made almost instantly, without risk. Therefore, cryptocurrency is used in many countries around the world, in different industries. These payments are similar to banking services, as they are reliable and secure.

Despite the large number of advantages, jurisdictions accept cryptocurrency and consider this method not legal. Some countries have tried their best not to accept the legalization of cryptocurrency. Other countries, on the contrary, are creating favorable conditions for the use of digital currency in order to develop modern payment technologies and systems.

If you are a cryptocurrency investor or trader, you need to understand which countries are the most favorable for working with digital currency. This is very important as it can even affect the volatility of the cryptocurrency. Many countries, from Singapore to the Netherlands, are bitcoin friendly. More information on this here which countries do people invest in cryptocurrency?02468/global-cryptocurrency-ownership/.

What is a crypto-friendly country?

Crypto-friendly countries can be defined as states that actively accept cryptocurrency payments and create a legal framework. It actively develops cryptocurrency, so the possibility of fraud is greatly reduced and users get many benefits.

Most countries are trying to influence the rapid development of digital currency, so some are leaders on this issue. These countries are showing an active stance in supporting digital assets, including fiat currency. These countries include:

  • Australia;
  • Netherlands;
  • Swiss;
  • England;
  • Canada.

In this way, it is easy to support different digital payment options, update and create legal updates to ensure an equal degree of use.

Popular countries that use taxation, to the detriment of cryptocurrency, expand their opportunities. They open up access to cryptocurrency for their users and vendors. In addition, the use of digital payments is actively promoted. Learn more here

Bitcoin-friendly states create favorable conditions, tax laws, and reduced taxes on cryptocurrency in trading and when buying or selling digital assets. These policies are more favorable to the use of digital currency. Countries create an excellent environment and do not have a negative impact on the tax environment.

Which countries are the most crypto-friendly?

In our world, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular as they are a profitable digital solution. Thus, a country can pave the way for new technologies and open up modern opportunities not only to entrepreneurs, but also to consumers. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the best bitcoin-friendly countries.


Singapore is one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world. This advantage is not unreasonable at all. One can constantly observe in the country a high development and a favorable business environment. Economics and politics work to help entrepreneurs, startups and corporations. In this way, business thrives and grows.

The country has many laws that support the development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In doing so, investors and organizations are constantly attracted. This country is one of the best because it offers low cryptocurrency taxes. Also, the game is widely developed in Australia, you can learn more about best online casino australia. Popular online casinos include:

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Financial and credit management in Singapore develops certain rules that focus on creating a successful system in which cryptocurrency can be introduced. Thus, the regulation of digital currency is not cruel, but rather prevents illegal actions and protects against fraud. Indeed, the state does not consider cryptocurrency as a currency, but rather as a transaction.


Switzerland is one of the first countries in the world to pass a law on the use of cryptocurrency. In 2018, this state became the first to allow cryptocurrency companies to open business accounts. It was a significant step forward. Development of cryptocurrency and fraud protection business has begun. Until today, for Switzerland, cryptocurrency is classified as certain assets and bitcoins. This is a legal payment. Therefore, the state has created some of the best conditions for using Bitcoin.

Each Swiss region has its own legal definitions relating to cryptocurrency. For instance, Cypriot casino to place. Most of them work with digital currency. Zug is a well-known cryptocurrency location where a large number of companies, stores, investors and start-ups are located. The Swiss banking system minimizes the risks when using digital currency, so Switzerland is one of the best countries in this field.


The Netherlands also takes a stand to reduce illegal money laundering and is therefore in favor of the use of cryptocurrency. It is one of the most famous countries in which the regulation of digital currency is handled by De Nederlandsche Bank NV. The government takes this position because it believes that a digital currency can boost the economy.

It should be noted that the Netherlands actively supports bitcoin, because blockchain technology is quite reliable and durable. This attitude positions the Netherlands as a leader in the field of cryptocurrency friendly countries.

El Salvador

El Salvador is actively involved in the development of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Active market participation can be observed. The government is offering cryptocurrency-backed bonds not too long ago. El Salvador was one of the first countries to accept bitcoin as a legal form of payment and equate it with the US dollar. In El Salvador, this currency has long been national.