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Cashback sites accused of rewarding customers for online gambling

Cashback sites accused of rewarding gambling: Three major companies promoting more than 60 bingo and betting sites

Cashback sites have been accused of encouraging gambling by rewarding customers for betting online.

Topcashback, Quidco and Ohmydosh all offer cashback for a range of services and purchases.

But Money Mail found they were promoting more than 60 gambling, bingo and betting sites between them.

Addictive: Topcashback, Quidco and Ohmydosh promoted over 60 gambling, bingo and betting sites between them

Topcashback boasted of paying out £30,000 a month to customers who signed up to a gambling site. It currently pays out £55 to new customers if they wager at least £10 with Bonus Kings.

Rival site Quidco pays new players at Coral Casino £40 as long as they wager at least £10.

Meanwhile, eight of Ohmydosh’s 23 “higher income” offerings are for gambling or bingo sites.

Shadow Gambling Minister Alex Davies-Jones said: “Websites luring consumers with supposedly lucrative cashback offers are an incentive to gamble more and are an increasingly worrying trend.

We are going through a cost of living crisis, with many people across the UK worried about their incomes and rising energy prices.

Sue Anderson, from debt charity StepChange, says: “Gambling businesses shouldn’t exploit people’s vulnerabilities, such as compulsion or addiction, but there are still many mechanisms by which people can be “hooked”, including incentives offered through cashback sites”.

A Topcashback spokesperson said it was reviewing its gaming category, adding: “We recognize that more can be done to encourage responsible gaming.”

A Quidco spokesperson said: “We expect consumers to gamble responsibly.”

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