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Building an effective content strategy for your gaming site

In his last column for Yogonet, Ron Mendelson breaks down developing different content strategies for any startup gaming site, ranging from traditional online alternatives like articles and blogs, to using social media platforms beyond typical Meta platforms.

As a gambling entrepreneur, besides licensing and all corporate matters, you will also have to think about marketing. When it comes to marketing a gambling site, it can be quite tricky. There are laws, regulations and recommendations that must be taken into account. Depending on where you are, you may not be able to advertise on TV, radio, at sporting events, online or on social media. So instead, you need to be warned. Here are some tips for advertising your online gambling company in a subtle but effective way.

Link building articles are an alternative. This is where content, usually unrelated to gaming, is created and links to your site or product are subtly incorporated. It could be an article about travel, food, entertainment, business or even finance. Skilled writers find a way to insert the link, giving context and sounding natural. You can place these articles on regular news sites, specialized blogs, and sites that publish informative and factual articles. It’s a great way to reach potential customers who may not have played before.

Content marketing

A very popular way of marketing for online gaming companies is to use affiliates to create content that links to your site. For example, reviews that seem independent but are often paid for as part of the marketing strategy. But these methods aren’t necessarily as effective as they once were, and savvy consumers have come to realize that reviews aren’t necessarily original. But there are other ways.


On a similar theme, gaming sites should consider having their own blog. This blog can contain lots of information for gamers about different games, game tips, games history, etc. If you want to take responsible gambling seriously, you can even include information about problem gambling or get help. Depending on your niche and your target audience, the different topics you can cover are vast.

It can help with SEO if your content team incorporates relevant keywords into the text. It also gives added value to your players and gives you plenty of material to post on social media. When promoting games on your blogs, just be careful not to make false claims and follow the rules on advertising and responsible gambling. Also avoid topics that might appeal to underage readers.

Wise social networks

Depending on where you are licensed, there may be restrictions on what you can post on social media. With that in mind, there are other ways to use social media to build brand awareness. As you can be blocked from posting about specific games or asking players to visit your site to play, you can share other types of posts instead.

You can also explore other social media platforms outside of the typical Facebook/Instagram/Twitter trio. Examine Reddit, especially with its various communities and groups; Telegram and TikTok are also good options. The platforms that are best for you may also have a regional perspective, as some may be more popular in certain regions than others.

Create a newsletter

Newsletters have been a weapon in marketers’ arsenal for many years, but they’re still effective at reaching customers. Even if you’re not someone who reads them, sending periodic informative emails to players is a great way to generate revenue. Your newsletter may include exclusive offers and bonuses, new game or product releases, news and blogs. Just make sure you don’t overdo it – chances are your players won’t want to receive a newsletter too often and it retains its value.

Also, when compiling your email list, be sure to follow local data laws, such as GDPR. This means only using the contacts of those who have signed up and are ready to receive it. Also, if people unsubscribe, this should always be respected.

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