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71 Indonesians suspected of being exploited by online gambling syndicates in Cambodia so far this year

The Indonesian Foreign Ministry said 188 Indonesians had been exploited while working for casinos and online gambling companies in Cambodia since 2021.

Indonesian citizens were first persuaded to work in a start-up as a customer service with a large salary.

Director of the Indonesian Citizens’ Protection Ministry and BHI, Judha Nugraha, said 117 cases had been discovered in 2021.

In the first three months of 2022, there were 71 cases. That figure, he said, could only be the tip of an iceberg.

Indonesians came from various provinces including North Sumatra, West Kalimantan, Jakarta and West Java. They departed from Jakarta to Phnom Penh via Singapore.

“After arriving in Cambodia, they were exploited to work in various businesses or in online gambling, among others, to market cryptocurrency investment products with unsubstantiated allegations of intent to do so. investment and potential scams,” Judha said at a press conference on Thursday, April 21. , 2022.

According to Judha, Cambodian companies have used tactics such as indebtedness, communication restrictions, long working hours and violence.

The Indonesian Embassy in Phnom Penh and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinated with the Cambodian government to rescue Indonesian citizens. The ministry also cooperates with the criminal investigation unit of the police.

They flew to Cambodia to identify victims and study testimonies and evidence.
Authorities have managed to repatriate 162 people to Indonesia, with five more expected to be repatriated next week. Tempo

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